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Sir Elliot

Bienvenue à Sir Elliot en France!

Sir Elliot Greetings 



This blog is for musicians in Central Europe who would like use my designs however have difficulty accessing download servers in the United States. As with this blog, the server is based in France. Hopefully this should be helpful for those who reside in Western Europe.




Equalisers & Preamplifiers


Sir Elliot 11-Band Graphic Equaliser II

Sir Elliot 18-Band Graphic Equaliser EH

Sir Elliot 21-Band Graphic Equaliser

Sir Elliot 31-Band Graphic Equaliser

Sir Elliot 35-Band Mastering Vocal Graphic Equaliser

Sir Elliot 1968 A

Sir Elliot 1977

Sir Elliot GPA-2

Sir Elliot RT-1

Sir Elliot Brass Instrument Equaliser Series II

Sir Elliot Studio Q



Tutoriel d'installation

Sir Elliot's Plug-in Installation Tutorial 


Minibluff the card game